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I am glad to anounce that I just finished de re-do of Treetog ArtWork and a lot of stuff was added to my portfolio, showing most of the projects that I have being involved during the last years.

Come to make a visit

Have fun! =)
Lots pf changes hapenned in my professional life this year.
After thinking for a long time, I decided to quit my full time job and make try for a graphic design carrier.
In the first 3 months it was scaring, because I have 3 kids and I saw my saving becoming more and more smaller.
Today things are going better and since last October, I was not without hired stuff to do.
These changes just could hapenned because of sites like DeviantArt that support their deviants and expose us.
I'd like to finish this today's journal, thanking the DART team and all of you that support and download my work.
Have a wonderful 2002!!! :D
15 days of life and the new baby is growing fast! :D

I would like to thank everybody who took the time to visit Pixtudio.
Since it's openning, we never stoped to make changes and thinking in new ways to make it better.

We allready were forced to change our server to a bigger one and bandwidth begans to be a problem, but we are taking care of it.

A second exclusive suite begans to be created, this time inviting some of the best skinners on the planet.

So keep your eyes openned, it will worth the wait. ;p
Pixtudio was launched!
I'm very proud to announce that after 2 months of an exausting work, our site is finnally openned. =)Many hundreds of hours were spent on it's build and I hope you think that it worth the work.
The Pixtudio suite is also done and I must say that it was very pleased to make it. Many of you can think that from now on I'll just try to make payed suite. Well, I can tell you this will not happen, I'll continue to make free skins and share them in all the skins sites, as I allways did.
Well guys, let me get back on skinning. Have fun! =)

PS: Ah! before I forget, a Pixtudio Trillian skin is on the works and will be included in the suite as soon as it be done and will be e-mailled to the persons that allready had downloaded the full pack. Some other Pixtudio skins can be added in the future, in the same bases.
Well, allmost one month since my last Journal.
The new project is going fine, but it will take a bit more time that we thought.
We are working very hard on it and our new dealine is September 15.
I hope just to come here again, to announce that it's done.
Cya all. =)
I didn't submit any new skin during the last few days and probably will not do it during next weeks.
The thing is, I'm working on a huge new secret project with my good friend Johanne (Alexandrie).
The only thing I can tell you now is that it is going to be something really cool.
I belive that we will finish it in something around 30 more days.
So, fasten your seat belts and be prepaired for having some fun!
April 02, 2001
After 4 days of the release of the Sputnik skins suite, I'd like to thank you all for the great ammount of kind comments and downloads.
This really makes me feel very good and continuing giving my best to the community.
Right now, I'm working on a new suite, cooperated with some of the best skinners I know.
I hope to have some good news for you guys very soon.
'till there. :D